Pink Tutu
Size: 10-12 years
Loved and adored tutu, worn, but still has plenty in it. All England Dance Finals place winner
Price: £150
The adjustment would be done before sending out. Please send enquire and send your measurements (waist, bust, girth and hips)

Pink-Red tutu
Size - 9-11 years old
Prize: £150 
It needs the full revamp. It would be the best to receive the indication for the size required before starting the job.  Please enquire. 
It is expected to complete the job in around 3-4 weeks after receiving the standard sizing measurements: waist, bust, hips and girth.

Lilac tutu for sale 
Size: 12 - 14 years
Price: £250.-

Worn only a few times, loved and adored tutu made for the Crystal Fountain fairy variation
There is a space for the adjustments. Please submit your measurements or enquire for the current ones. 

Navy Sailor outfit for 10-12 years old
Made from light suiting polyester fabric with elastane, which moves together with the body. The slight stretch protects the fabric from the ripping. 
The trousers got higher waist and elastic braces for comfort, adjustable to control the length.  

Price: £70
The costume measurements are available on request.

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